Frequently Asked Questions

What is your payment policy?
Our normal procedure is only 5% upon contract signing, 45% at the onset of installation, and the remaining 50% upon satisfactory completion. All too often we here of instances where large deposits are paid up front or projects are paid in full prior to completion, only to find the job was not performed properly, thus losing your leverage. Although financial leverage is not what compels Anthony Givens Landscaping to do a professional job we find this format gives the customer peace of mind.

What kind of guarantee do you offer?
The nursery/landscape standard should be at least 1 year for plantings and longer for hardscapes. We follow this format. Our findings have been that trying to get a contractor to come back and correct potential problems can be next to impossible. The landscaping business deals with live, potentially perishable plant material, and performs outdoor installations that come in contact with the ground making them vulnerable to frost heave and severe weather conditions. Our expertise and experience help to minimize these scenarios however plants occasionally perish even under the best care. Make certain you can rely on your chosen contractor.

How long have you been in business?
We have been in business since 1998. We started as a one man operation doing lawn maintenance some 10 plus years ago we have grown considerably. Our crew now performs all types of landscaping and masonry projects. Classes, certifications, licenses and hands on experience have helped propel us to the highest level. In 2001 we created our property maintenance division to take care of the installations we were performing.

To whom can I direct questions or concerns?
Unlike many big businesses, the person who proposes your project and goes over the initial design features is likely to spend a fair amount, if not all their time assisting in performing or overseeing your project. This hands on policy assures attention to detail and provides and on going path of communication should the need arise.

Can you match a competitor’s quote?
Quite often we can. A large disparity in pricing from one company to another can be due to a number of factors, some of which are not readily visible. Short cuts, poor quality plant material, inferior workmanship, etc. should not play a part in reducing cost. The term “you get what you pay for” unfortunately holds true in the landscaping industry.

“It takes more than a pickup truck and a shovel
Choosing a contractor is not an easy task. There can be a tremendous difference in quality, experience, workmanship, guarantees, and cost from one outfit to the next. Expecting that all contractors have the same level of expertise can be a dangerous and costly assumption. Cutting corners or the term “that’s good enough” are applied all too often. Many aspects of landscaping require a thorough knowledge of industry standards, rules and regulations. There is usually a right way and a wrong way of performing most tasks, with the wrong way not always being apparent on the surface. A great degree of trust is given to your contractor with the assumption that your project will be treated with the same regard as their own home.

A few things that concern us are: Disproportionately high dollar deposits, the use of inferior techniques and/or plant material, costly change orders, projected start and completion dates are not accurate, bogus guarantees, safety and cleanliness of your property during construction. Unfortunately some of these things do not become obvious until it is too late.

Ask a lot of questions; make an informed decision the first time around. There are some reputable companies out there; you have the task of finding them. We believe you have just found one of them.
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