Insect, Weed and Disease Control

Broadleaf Weed Control: Seasonal weeds are treated with our broadleaf weed control for weeds like dandelions, henbit, clover, and many more. After they are under control, we team with you to keep them away. One phone call is all you need and we will treat recurring weeds at no additional charge.

Crabgrass Control and Annual Weed Prevention: Our pre-emergence protection is the best in the industry. The key is in using the absolute best pre-emergence product on the market. We apply two treatments as part of your lawn's care plan to ensure that crabgrass only shows up in the neighbor's yard.Optional Services

Dylox® Grub Control from Bayer®: Dylox® insecticide provides fast-acting control of turf-damaging grub worms, mole crickets, sod webworms, and cutworms. Your Safe-T-Chem lawn care professional is trained to recognize if they are damaging your turf and put them on the path away from your lawn.

Disease Control: The best practice with regard to turf diseases is to develop a fertilization plan that prevents diseases development. But fungi, heat, and humidity combined are a bad combination for causing devastating diseases to turfgrasses in the Triangle Area. We provide curative fungicides for newly discovered diseases and preventive fungicides for lawns that are likely to host recurrences of diseases like brown patch, summer patch, rust disease, pythium blight, gray leaf spot, dollar spot, and many others. In most cases a typical lawn has more than one type of disease. Some diseases spread very quickly and can devastate a lawn. Most lawn diseases here in the Wake and Johnston County area develop immunities to fungicides within a matter of days. So it is important to you that we develop a rotation plan that utilizes more than one formulation. Disease control is very complicated. Why not let the experts at Safe-T-Chem help get your lawn well again?

Fire Ant Control: Fire ants spread very quickly, are very aggressive and should be considered as a threat to your home, family, and pets. TopChoice® Fire Ant Control from Bayer® provides one full year of curative and preventive protection against fire ants and is the absolute best method of shielding your home, children, pets, and visitors from fire ants.

Insect Control: We have the skills necessary to positively identify insects and eliminate them with the best insecticide for the situation. From Japanese beetles to bagworms to fleas and ticks, we can protect your family.